Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Brainstorm File

I have this 18 page file on my computer called "Brainstorms" that I've been working on for ages. Most of the content is made up of half baked ideas that I'm saving until I can work it into an actual story. Here's a snippet of what kind of insanity that is in this file:

“What are you doing?”

“SHHHHH! I am trying to sink through the floor. If I lie here long enough it is inevitable that all my atoms will line up with the atoms in the floor and I will sink right through it.”

“I don’t think our downstairs neighbors would find that very entertaining. Besides, you’re going to be lying there for a very long time because the likelihood of all your atoms lining up with the floor is less than the likelihood of any of those chocolate chip cookies spontaneously regenerating.”

“Ooooo. Chocolate chip cookies.”

“Are you drunk?”


“Do you wish you were?”

“A little.”

“O.K. I’m gonna go buy you some khaki spray paint so at least you will blend into the carpet a little better.”

“Thanks, sweetie.”

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