Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 2: A Fresh (Re)start

I've had this blog for almost three years now and the primary purpose has been to share my quirky artwork with friends and family. In addition, I've been an avid reader of design blogs like Design*Sponge, Oh Joy!, the Dieline and Apartment Therapy. They've always inspired me to keep sharing and creating new designs. I wouldn't say that blogging has nessecarily transformed my outlook on design, but I'm definitely excited about sharing more regularly and defining my voice in this area. As anyone can see from my archives, the blog has not been a priority and quickly falls by the wayside when my schedule fills up thanks to work, school, friends and family.

The blogs that inspire me the most are not just those that are sharing ideas and projects others have taken on, but those that create their own craft and designs projects. My (maybe somewhat lofty considering my schedule) goal as I expand this blog for class is to create original projects and content including more original artwork, home design and craft projects.

Another inspiration that has really pushed me to extend and pay more attention to my blog is my friend Kelly. Her blog, "View Along the Way," was recently featured on OhDeeOh and several other blogs. She has a similarly busy schedule (not to mention a toddler) so maybe its jealously but its definitely been motivating me to think about creating my own projects (and getting my apartment organized).

All that being said, my priority will be to keep the posts focused, original and distinct.

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