Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Bubble Wrap Mash Up Part 1

I am terrible at waiting for a big reveal. I'm a girl that eats my dessert FIRST. So guess what!? Here's what I made for this week's Pinterest Challenge! Click here to see a bigger/prettier version.

"Quilty People"
 Ok, deep breathe, let me tell you about the inspiration now. We've been looking for a piece of artwork to put in our dining room for at least a year. We are two full-time desk job + grad school students, don't judge. Thank goodness four lady bloggers challenged me to take something I had pinned and make it a reality. Instant motivation!

It all started when I saw this bubble wrap painting pinned by one of the lovely Pinterest Challenge... uh... thrower-downers Sherry from Young House Love

I must admit to you, internet, that I am not a bubble-wrap-painting-novice. I, much like the preschoolers on the blog this originally came from, think bubble wrap is an excellent way to create a funky, textural pattern. About a year and a half ago in the midst of the worst snowstorm ever, I made this painting, "Snowpacalypse." Get it?
ANYWAYS, in order to take my inspiration and bubble-wrap painting skills up a notch, I decided to do a mash-up with THIS pin I found last week. 


Beautiful colors, geometric perfection. The idea to do a mash up was ALSO inspired by another Pinterest Challenge... thrower.... downer, Emily Henderson (OMG OMG OMG). If you are familiar with her show, Secrets From a Stylist, you will know that she takes two people's styles and mashes them up in a glorious new style.

So since this blog post is officially too long (sorry, I'm just feeling so chatty), I'm just going to have to break it up. Stay tuned for part two where I show you how I turned some bubble wrap into a piece of art. Then maybe there will be a part three where I show you my other preschool-paintbrush-substitute: Q-Tips!

What do you think? Will you be trying out the bubble wrap art anytime soon? 

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