Saturday, September 22, 2012

BBQ, Pie, Games... and a Wedding

So thanks to our amazing photographer, Lisa Marie from Sweet Tea Photography, we were glad to receive our wedding photos upon our recent return from Lake Tahoe. I really loved the result so in no particular order whatsoever... here are some favorites.
These are probably my favorite portraits we took. Is it weird
that one of my favorite parts is the color of the lichen
on the tree?
We held the ceremony on the front porch of the old farm house.
What's not to love about an old red barn?
I want to eat this mac and cheese every day for the rest
of my life from our BBQ food truck.
I'm drooling right now thinking about it. 
Speaking of drooling... this is a Baltimore Bomb
(vanilla chess pie with chocolate-covered shortbread).
Are you drooling now too?
My maid of honor Katie is a winner at these
DIY lawn games Kevin made.
Kevin also made this yummy Strawberry Kolsch wheat ale. Get it?
So that's kind of the overview. I'll share more about some of the specific details soonish. Like how the sandals I'm wearing were a morning-of decision... so much for planning ahead :o)


  1. I love EVERY single detail. Easily the most stylish wedding I've seen in a LONG time. Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! That means a lot to me :o)

  2. haha i AM a winner!!!