Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today is a great day!

I was really inspired this week by this interview with designer Lisa Congdon, a kick-ass illustrator and surface designer. So I've been spending some time practicing my hand lettering. It's something I end up doing a lot naturally when I'm doodling, but I haven't really thought about combining them.
Here's a tasting of some practice alphabets. True story, I love writing the alphabet in script over and over. As demonstrated here. I know that's weird but maybe weird in a good way?
Here's another example where I combined lettering and my usual eye-melting handmade patterns. Too bad I didn't have anything more interesting to say... hmm.
Oh wait, here's something more interesting to say... its a theoretical logo for my blog if I was more grown up and less snarky. My alter-ego is so sophisticated ;o)

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