Sunday, June 2, 2013

Deep Dive

So a few days ago I posted some new patterns I worked on recently. I wanted to focus on one of them to share some of the sketches. I've talked before about how I get a little obsessed with various shapes so that's pretty much the case here.
So the pattern above is digitally done, but I kept playing with the shape and decided to do a hand-drawn version. The size is 14"x11" and I used my favorite Sharpie pens.
Here's a close up. Ooo, Sharpie pen.
And here's a sketch that I did as I was playing around with the idea.
You can tell that I'm learning calligraphy because I've been practicing all over the place. And here's the pencil sketches when I was first trying to figure out the right shape.
The end!

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