Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 5: Help Wanted... What's My Personal Style?

This week in class we're talking about making unique content for our blogs. I love this topic because it seems really easy to answer, but also incredibly complex. Easy answer: My blog is unique because I create and share my unique artwork. Obviously, that's unique content. Ok, duh, let's move on to the more interesting answer.

Complex answer: As I've mentioned in basically all my other grad school posts, blogging about design is all about establishing an editorial viewpoint. Whether it's crafty, modern or hip, a design blog has to exude a style. Even more than that, as a personal blog, it has to exude your personal style. Here's a great post Grace (after reading this you'll feel like you're on a first name basis with her too), editor at Design*Sponge, wrote this week about defining and changing her personal style.

I read an article once (maybe in Domino?) about a team that you could pay (thousands of dollars of course) to have them assign you a two-word "personal style statement." They did all this analysis and then they came up with something like "funky modern" or "vintage preppy" or "Nicholas Cage Meets Sarah Jessica Parker" (yeah, that's not a thing).

Now for the fun part: Please help me figure out my unique "personal style statement!" Hopefully you can get a sense of my personal style by looking at this blog, the collages above (some stuff I own, some stuff I crave) and a few of my designs. I'll pay you by bringing candy to class next week. If you aren't in my grad school class, I'll pay you in adorable pictures of the Snarky Beagle wearing a unicorn costume. I know, her life is so hard.

If you aren't in my class, you can stop reading. The rest of this is boring "social media" chit chat. The second part of our assignment was to discuss how we're integrating Twitter and Facebook. The simple answer there is that I'm not really. I'm using both channels to share with friends and classmates about my posts but I wouldn't really call that "integration." If The Snarky Beagle brand needs a presence in either place eventually, I'll get to that. For now, I'm focusing on the blog.


  1. Whimsically systematic. Whimsical system? That's what I see in your designs at least. The "doodles" are so free-flowing, yet connected...bold, yet intricate...fanciful, yet solid.

    Dog in unicorn costume please. :)

  2. Oooh, I like that. Here's your Beagle-In-A-Unicorn-Costume reward. Be warned... you might fall over laughing...