Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 9: Connecting

This picture is what our apartment would look like if it was a Metro map which has nothing to do with this blog post for class about Facebook.

I remember the first time I ever saw Facebook. Ironically, I was at work, which at that time was an internship in the summer of 2004. My co-intern/office mate said, "are you on Facebook?" and little did I know that I was joining the biggest time sink EVER. There were a whopping five people from my high school that were on Facebook and we immediately friended each other for lack of other options.

Week after week, more friends arrived from high school and college. Whether we were BFFs, frenemies or acquaintances, we became online stalkers together.

Over the years, while others have culled their friends lists, I've just coasted along occasionally deleting that person I met once at a party, or had one class with, or can't even remember where I met. (That is unless I think the contact could come in handy down the road, like this one kid I met at a party who oddly works as an engineer for Facebook now... is that weird?)

But what I find most fascinating is seeing how people have changed. Like watching television, I've seen people get married, have kids, start jobs, quit jobs, move to Europe, South America and Asia, fall apart, pull themselves together... the drama is intoxicating. They are not the 18-years-olds that they were and neither am I. It reminds me how far I've come and keeps me connected and grounded to the journey I've been on.

Part of that journey is sharing with them my thoughts and drawings on this blog. I share almost every post through Facebook and hope that the people who I have lost touch with can still feel connected to me. Even if it's just by looking at a Metro map of my apartment.


  1. Is it lame to comment on your post mere seconds after it's published? I hope not.

    I had to say that metro map is THE COOLEST THING EVER. It needs to be on apartment therapy. I love it. I actually think you could throw that bad boy on etsy and people would want a customized one to live in their house. Right at the intersection of their dog crate and auxiliary coffee tables.

  2. Hey! I meant to comment on this earlier, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the metro map idea!! I am half tempted to give you the plans of my parent's house to make a metro map of that!

  3. I honestly would be more than happy to make more of these it was so fun. I definitely learned some lessons doing the first one so I'm sure subsequents maps would only improve :)