Saturday, February 12, 2011

For the love of pen and paper

It's not like I'm surprising anyone here, but I am addicted to two things: new markers and blank notebooks. Seriously dangerous stuff, I know. So in order to reinvigorate my creative motivation I decided a trip to Michael's was needed. When I was a kid, a trip to Michael's was like a trip to Disney World. I'm pretty sure there was lots of begging, followed by pee-my-pants excitement, followed by running like a sugar-induced-lunatic around the store. I'm sure the teenage store clerks just thought I was so cute.

Mmmm... these fine Staedtler pens are are so lovely aren't they? I'm a strong believer that having the right tools will make me more creative just like how owning running shoes and cute running clothes makes me motivated to go running... uh, kinda. The Snarky Beagle was so excited she decided to take a nap on the notebook I got. This is what she looked like when I woke her up as I was taking the picture.

She was also very unhappy because on our trip to Michael's we also went to Petco where an adoption event was taking place. This look says, "I know you were petting other dogs..."

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