Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 4: Something I Call Personality

Ok, I have a confession. I still don't know what my blog is really about. Yes, it's about design but it's also about me. I said this was going to be a fresh (re)start, but why throw away what I've already built? This blog is personal because it started with my own artwork, my writing and my ideas.

Even before it was a blog, it was this website I designed and coded by hand in HTML and CSS. I want to make sure that history is not lost. I'm never going to be all things to all people like Apartment Therapy, so my artwork and my vision are really my differentiator (sorry for the marketing-speak).

This blog is about me finding my way as an artist, designer, writer and communicator (I had to add that last one... it's what pays the bills after all). I want to share not only my artwork, but also what inspires me and what I'm doing to get my artwork out there (I know someone out there must like it, I mean, other than my mom). I design for fun and mainly for stress relief, but it would be really cool to turn it into something bigger. I just have to figure out how to get there.

Here's a perfect example. My cousin told me I should start a Facebook page. So I did and now I just find it depressing how few fans I have. How can I make this better? Or should I just delete it? (UPDATE: I made the decision to delete it as I'm  streamlining my online presence, ack more marketing terms, sorry) I just don't know. I also have a Flickr page and a Cafe' Press page. Are these helping me at all or are they just out there floating around lost on the internet?

I know I'm going to have to dedicate more time to developing artwork, content, and maybe even a brand. Let's be honest, time management is not my forte' and the majority of my time is sucked up by work, school, boyfriend, dog, friends, family and apartment. I guess that just makes the journey even more interesting.

So, expect more posts like this, sometimes this and hopefully this.

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  1. The closing of your post amuses me... I want to click on every "this" =P