Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Response 2: Paper Pushing and a Project

As previously admitted, I've been increasingly enamored with wedding design blogs, so my classmate Gina and I have been sharing our favorites since her blog falls right into this category. In her latest post, she shared some fun invitations/save-the-date designs all of which I love.

There's just something about fun notecards and stationary that really make me wish I wrote more than a handful of thank you cards in a year. Below are the note cards I used for Christmas and birthday thank you notes this year. Both were picked up from the Michael's dollar bin while I was there probably buying a whole bunch of stuff I miiiiight need.

In addition to note cards, I also love paper products in general. I am super envious of so many designers who create patterns for cards, wallpaper, fabric, you name it. One of my recent favorites has been Jessica Swift. I can't even remember how I stumbled across her blog a few weeks ago but I was instantly in love with her fun designs and products. So when she posted an amazing deal to get a pack of scraps of her beautiful paper I jumped all over it envisioning the many decoupage projects I was about to embark on.

Materials ready!
So here's the first of many (so many scraps left yaaay). I transformed a Mead composition notebook into something infinitely more stylish with some Mod Podge glue and a roll of contact paper. I picked out some coordinated scraps and glued them to the notebook, then covered the whole thing with contact paper. The whole thing took about 20 minutes. Here's the result!


I haven't decided yet what to write in said notebook (a chronic problem for me... buying beautiful notebooks with no intention of writing in them) but I love how it turned out!

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