Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Response 3: Moms are the BEST

Those of you who know me, know that my mom is literally the hands-down-best mom ever. Not because she does my laundry when I take it all home (though she does that) or because she cooks amazing meals (she also does that), but because she's our in-house therapist. When I was a senior in high school my mom decided to go back to school (sadly she picked Florida State... ew) and get her Master's of Social Work.

Simply put, my mom is a bad-ass therapist. She is widely known (at least in our family) for taking no prisoners when it comes to her clients. She is honest with them even if that means being a little snarky. So when I was reading Candyce's blog about the Teen Mom II finale with Dr. Drew, I thought a lot about how my mom would have handled those girls.

So when it comes to motherly advice, she can't be beat. But while I'm in the midst of listing my laundry list of "things that are turning me into a gooey clump of stress," her favorite thing to say to me is "I'm so sorry about you." I still haven't figured out what this means exactly. She's not sorry FOR me... she's sorry ABOUT me. Hm. She cracks me up every time she says it and I've been trying to remind myself to do a pretty drawing with that statement. The drawing above is not pretty. I did it in about five minutes so I could get this post in for class. Maybe this is why I am a gooey clump of stress... see what I did there?

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