Monday, April 18, 2011

Response 4: Are Fried Pickles Easter Food?

This post was supposed to be about Easter eggs. But we haven't had time to dye our eggs yet and I couldn't find pictures from last year. However, you can be assured that my eggs would not have looked anything like this:

They would be no where near that pretty because, let's be honest, my egg-dying skills are somewhat lacking. So I'm not devastated that this post didn't meet my editorial aspirations. So in order to get this sucker out the door as we near the end of our semester, I'm going to take a slight left and talk about food instead.

My classmate Abby has been keeping up a baking blog and wrote a recent post about baking for Passover. Since they are related-ish holidays I'll share what we made for Easter last year: home-fried pickles... and other stuff.

Long story, but after dying Easter eggs there was of course a surplus of hard-boiled eggs. So we whipped up egg salad (it was slightly purple, pink and blue... hm) and made a delicious egg salad sandwich. What goes with a delicious egg salad sandwich? Fried pickles, OF COURSE, NATURALLY. And also apparently sweet potato fries and fresh home-made ranch dressing.

Here's what the whole meal looked like. The pickles were dipped in buttermilk, cornmeal and then fried. Same deal with the fries. The recipe for egg salad was from my dear friend Martha Stewart and can be found here on her website. Overall, it was an amazingly delicious holiday and even though the eggs weren't pretty by any means, they were delicious.

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