Sunday, April 24, 2011

Response 6: Summer Colors

So this is really my LAST last post for class. My classmate Jonathan made a post about how much he's looking forward to summer and I have to say, "ME TOO!" 

As I mentioned in the last post, I've recently discovered the wonder of color-izing my old black and white designs in Photoshop. I knew there was a reason I had been saving all these high-resolution scans. Here's one...

Here's the black and white version. I had originally named it "Chlorine," because it reminds me of the way the sunlight hits the bottom of a swimming pool (a very summer-y thought). Here's another one that was originally called "Rivers" but adding the green really made me realize how much it looks like growing grass or uncurling ferns.

Anyways, adding fantastic colors to these designs will be keeping me busy for a while I'm sure. What do you think? Better than the originals?

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