Friday, June 24, 2011

Infographic: People LOVE Movies

Here's an infographic I made for a class presentation this week. The assignment was to do in-depth interviews for communications research on Netflix. I was dorkily excited to put my Photoshop skillz (the "z" makes it real) to good use. If I hadn't left it to the night before it was due, I probably would have polished it a bit more but I was really proud of the end result. 

Important to note is the little logo I did for our fake PR/Research agency, Lemon Communications. My team decided since I missed class while in Scotland that they'd nickname me Lemon (like Liz Lemon, har har). So when it was time to pick a group name, Lemon Communications was a clear choice. I said that was fine as long as I was the boss :o)

All joking aside, they were a really great group to work with and we pretty much knocked it out of the park. Go Team Lemon!

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