Monday, September 12, 2011

Block Prints Gone Digital

Woohoo, I have to keep this short because it's been a long day of "real life" work, additional "real life" work on top of work, grad school scariness and Declaration of You worksheet-filling-out. I just wanted to share the patterns I created with my block printing experiment over the weekend.
I love navy and white  as evidenced by my blog's design duh. Make sure you click this one so you can see the funky block printing mistakes details.
Next I tried to incorporate some colors from another design. In theory (maybe totally not based in reality because this is just something I'm inferring) if I want to make a line of fabrics, papers, pillows, dog costumes, there has to be a cohesive color theme thingie (lots of things around here are "thingies," I guess I need learn some of the vernacular). So I recycled the color from my beloved dot from two weeks ago.

So there ya go! I can't wait to start working on some other patterns using this method... as soon as I'm done with all this other stuff...

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