Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feeling Sew Sassy

Over the holidays, I was bit by a sewing bug so here are a few projects I worked on. Eat your heart out Martha.
Most recently I made this new "Scoop Tote" bag. I got the pattern from a Kickstarter project for Alexia at Green Bee Sewing. I'm a HUGE sucker for cratfy Kickstarters. I was very excited about the pattern and the bag turned out really cute and really huge. I got the online fabric from Hawthorne Threads.

Overall, the pattern was very easy to follow, even for a novice like me. Lesson learned though... don't use contrasting thread if, like me, you have difficulty sewing in a straight line. Oops. I was mainly just too lazy to change out my thread from a different project. #lazysewing.

Another project that I've been planning to do for a long time was this freaking adorable dog coat that I saw in my Martha Encyclopedia of Sewing. I got a Living Social coupon from my favorite local fabric strore, G Street Fabrics, which is handily/dangerously located extremely close to our new house.
I bought some Herringbone wool and its lined with a warm, fuzzy pink fleece. You may not be able to tell by the expression on her face... but Bailey LOVES it. Like me, she always seems cold. No, I'm not projecting AT ALL.
Lastly and least excitingly, I made a Christmas tree skirt for our tree. It's super basic so I didn't use a pattern. I just used some rough linen that I had and cut it in a big circle using my nifty, high school geometry skillz. In my ADD-ish ways I hemmed the basic skirt, slapped it on the tree and called it done-ish.
My thinking is that each year I will add some kind of embellishement until it looks like a well-loved, super-spazzy heirloom tree skirt.

What should I make next? I'm (very slowly) still working on a wonky patchwork quilt of fabrics left over from the wedding but I tend to like projects that take less than a weekend. Suggestions welcomed!

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