Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are Red Line Riders

As residents of the D.C. metro area, the Metro holds a special place in our lives. Which is why I'm finally ready to unveil the latest version of the Weaver Home Metro Map!
(Click to expand) As opposed to the Metro map of our first apartment, I decided to do this one all in Photoshop to make it look more legit. My plan is to get it printed and framed for the living room :o)

BONUS: Early in our relationship, Kevin and I inadvertently started a haiku contest when I posted a random haiku while riding the Metro late one night. Here was the result:

  • Train out of service/ Don't attempt to board this train/ Train out of service
  • The Red Line is bust/ We're sharing a single track/ Wait wait wait wait wait
  • Winter Metro rides/ Are sometimes a cold affair/ When the doors don't close
  • Ugh, just missed the train/ Aww come on, 18 minutes?/ Sort of have to pee
  • There's a greasy mark/ Smudged onto the train window/ Where you fell asleep
  • Empty cement bench/ Think I will rest a moment/ I just sat in what?
  • Closed eyes a second/ Woke at the end of the line/ Have to call a cab
  • Cellphones only work/ In certain Metro stations/ Can you hear me now?
  • Whew, red and blue seats/ The Yellow are stained and torn/ And they were once white
  • Too many people/ Trying to cram themselves in/ I'm stuck in the door
  • Know I shouldn't stare/ Just can't believe what I see/ You think they notice?

Riding the Metro is always an adventure! My 8th grade english teach would be proud :o)

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