Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Battery Brewing T-Shirt Designs

There's nothing more fun than showing up with a large group of people to an event all sporting the same shirt ammiright?! This will be our fourth year taking on the Dogfish Dash, held in Milton, Delaware at the Dogfish Head Brewery. We've done shirts before, but since the size of our team has grown, we decided to upgrade!

I've done a lot of work over the past few years to tweak the logo that Kevin originally designed for his home brew label, Battery Brewing. For his birthday this past year, I slapped that logo on alllll sorts of things. So it was an obvious choice for the front of the shirt.

Last year, while drinking in the taproom at Dogfish the day before the race, Kevin declared that he loved running, beer and EVERYONE HEEEEERE! This quickly became our rallying cry, and also maybe a song with jazz hands. So we decided to go with that on the back.

Just for fun, here are some other layouts that I played with while designing the shirts.

We ended up ordering them from Custom Ink which I can't recommend highly enough. The customer service staff were literally in my Top 3 of customer service experiences EVER. So friendly, so helpful, so easy. Love them. 

So yeah, I'll update this when we get some nice group shots, but for now I'm pretty much over-the-moon happy to see almost 20 people wearing my design ;o) To hold you over, here's a group shot of a few of us from 2012 in our old shirts.  

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