Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Anniversary is hard to spell, and sloths are hard to draw

Our anniversary was way back in August but I have obviously not been blogging and I refuse to feel guilty... So there! Early on Kevin decided that he really wanted us to stick to the traditional wedding gift themes... here's a Wikipedia on that few you if you aren't familiar... so Year 1 is Paper. 

I like how in that Wikipedia list, you get to Year 15 and apparently just give up. Like, its just too hard to come up with new things. Apathy has set in... Like this sloth which will make more sense later:

We did two things for the anniversary that were paper-themed. One, we booked some plane tickets (paper!) to go to beautiful Vermont. More on that later maybe.

Two, we each created a personalized piece of artwork (more paper!) for our new hallway gallery wall. Kevin created this adorable watercolor of our family. I like how Bailey is kicking him in the face.

It's reminiscent of this much larger piece he created for the wedding that we had folks sign before framing and hanging in our bedroom.

For my part, I used my hand lettering skillz to write down a bunch of fun memories from our first year including our trips to Lake Tahoe and Costa Rica.

I am particularly proud of the sloth in the bottom right hand corner because I practiced getting him just right a whole bunch of times. Kevin's favorite is the sunflower because he misses the giant 10-foot tall sunflower he grew over the summer next to our front stoop. 

Here's the whole wall featuring the cow print we got from York a few years back, some tomato pictures from the garden, and a new cow print we picked up in Burlington of cow's playing Scrabble because we obviously NEEDED it. If you can't tell the top says "Your Mooooove." Geddit?!

The wall still needs some work as you may notice a few pieces that don't quite fit and a few holes but we're pretty happy with it. 

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