Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I don't like to use labels but...

Kevin recently entered a home-brew competition sponsored by one of our great local breweries 3 Stars. I felt very strongly, as the self-appointed Chief Marketing Officer of Battery Brewing, that our entries needed some sweet labels.
Sadly the guys did not win, but I'm sure we got special bonus points for style (maybe?). Here is Kevin at the brewery turning in his Chai Tea Wheat Ale called, "Special Tea."
The other beer, headed up by Ed, was "Coco Pow" which was a Coconut Curry Brown Ale. 
I made both labels in Photoshop with some doodles that Kevin and I quickly whipped up. 
We took them to FedEx/Kinkos for laser printing (helps keep the ink from running if the bottle gets condensation on it) and Kevin used rubber cement to glue them on on our way to the brewery for drop off. Several people walked by as he was doing this and gave us very suspicious looks…
Ok, here's one more artsy glamour shot of the bottles. 

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