Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello Spring Wallpaper

Whenever my birthday comes around I know that Spring is soooo close. I can taste it. Last weekend was 60 degrees (it's 14 degrees right now but whatever).

Spring is by far my most productive time so I kicked it off with making myself some sweet new desktop wallpapers from some recent hand lettering doodles. 

 (download "Bonjour" here)
 (download "Howdy" here)
(download "Hey" here)
Right now I have all three rotating on my desk every 15 minutes. It's pretty much like a fun-Spring-wake-me-up-from-Winter-kick-in-the-pants thing. Anyways, feel free to download and enjoy if you are also feeling Spring-tastic!

In other news, I FINALLY installed the Adobe Creative Suite I've has packed away for 2.5 years which I bought at the end of grad school with my student discount. It has Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. I have a pretty good working knowledge of Photoshop (I've been using PSE for a few years), but am thinking about signing up for a membership for to learn the other two. Anyone else have experience with it? Any other recommendations for learning?

Yay Spring!

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