Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Show Me a Sign

A few months back a friend reached out to ask me if I would do some lettering for a chalkboard sign for her brother-in-law's wedding. I thought this was such a cute idea! The sign will be carried by the flower girls as they walk down the aisle.

I did a ton of sketches to try and decide on a final style. I debated some borders, etc. to spice things up. I also wrote the word "girl" too many times and decided it is a really weird word. Here is a small selection...

I used a chalk marker which was a new experience for me. I also got a chalk pen to make baselines, etc. to make sure things were moooostly straight. When I was done I used a moist Q-tip to erase the guidelines. (Q-tips are good for so.many.things)

Before it headed out the door, I took some test photos to make sure it will look great indoors/outdoors/in photos.

Speaking of outdoors... yay for my flowers blooming in the backyard! #unrelated

Also, I'm messing around with my blog header again because I decided my new/old one kind of stinks. But the colors are doing all kinds of weird things on me so just ignore the "construction." :o)

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