Friday, May 2, 2014

It's a Bug Eat Bug World

Many of my very favorite movies of all time are Pixar so I decided to do another quick series of movie quotes for fun (here's my Wes Anderson series from a few weeks back).

I love Toy Story now, but my first favorite Pixar movie was actually A Bug's Life. I re-watched it while I was doodling.

Having grown up with labradors and golden retrievers, Dug from Up pretty much speaks for all my favorite puppy dogs. Squirrel!

Oh Edna Mode, so wise, so fashionable, so short. Love The Incredibles. Speaking of The Incredibles... I ran my very first 10K last weekend (6.2 miles for anyone wondering). As I was running along Rockville Pike, some folks wearing Mr. and Mrs. Incredible costumes gave me a high five :o)

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