Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Dance! New iPhone 6 Cover

I started a new job in December so I was the happy recipient of a new work iPhone 6 (as opposed to my lovely old iPhone 4 that I still use for personal stuff). I decided I really needed a sweet cover for it so I auditioned several of my Llama Land patterns for the job. And the winner was...

This time around, I decided to use Zazzle which I've used for print products in the past (wedding invites). I think the colors turned out really true to the original.

Here's the front/side. The colors usually get a little wonky on the edges. Isn't that a cute beagle face!?

I'm always really nervous the picture won't be crisp, but this really turned out perfect. I paid about $32 for it with their New Years coupon code (usually retails for $40), so it was well worth the price!

I'm also awaiting a custom case that I ordered for my mom for Christmas. Christmas you say? Wasn't that like two weeks ago? YES OMG! She has a Nexus 5, which I discovered not many companies sell custom cases for, gggrrrr. So I ordered from Case-Custom. They manufacture the cases in China and there was a major shipping issue so despite having ordered it on December 6, it has still not arrived on January 10... ridiculous.

Anyways, rant over, new phone case yay!

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