Saturday, November 17, 2012

You're Invited to DIY

The wedding DIY project that I'm most proud of was our invitations. It's not that I'm picky (yes I am), but I scoured all the usual websites and Etsy and couldn't find anything I really loved. Having someone else design them... so not in our budget. So I decided to design them myself.
Starting with the save the date, we took some beautiful photos that Kevin had taken of the barn where we held our reception and Photoshopped them into something really personal. The background is a repeatable burlap texture and we picked a free font.
When we started thinking about the invites I wanted them to look pretty similar to the save the date. I used the same background and font but just took a different photo from Kevin's collection. I made a simple gingham for the RSVP postcard. 
On the back of the invite, I used a blue-washed photo of us. I thought it was a fun surprise for the back and just made it that much more personal.
For the back of the RSVP, we really wanted to be snarky. Kevin also designed a block print fence which a scanned and added in.

I highly recommend DIY-ing invites if you have even a little Photoshop know-how. I'm definitely not an expert. We printed about 50 of each item for about $120 all told on Zazzle. Overall, I was really glad we went this route!

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