Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Response 5: Vacation Countdown

I've been a little (ok, a lot) on the stressed-out side lately. Here's how I feel depicted in a drawing that I did during a meeting today. Don't worry, I was also listening but I'm a habitual doodler.

This just looks stressful doesn't it? On one of my classmate's blogs, she has been asking for input on planning a cruise vacation which has launched me into a fit of daydreaming about lounging on beaches and the like. There's nothing like napping in the sun to relieve some pent up anxiety.

In fact, I am actually getting ready to take a vacation in June however lounging on a beach is not really on the agenda. I'll be headed over to the U.K. When I bought the plane ticket I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief and excitement. A full week away from the office and school will surely be grand. We're going up to Edinburgh, Scotland so if anyone has been there and has trip on what to see or do. Let me know!

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  1. Loved your post, thought I would share about traveling with a Greyhound - Bailey is sooo cute!

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