Monday, August 29, 2011

Art Store Adventures

Bailey loves new art supplies.
And cookies held by photographers.
So we had an earthquake... and then we had a hurricane. Needless to say, it's been a week. Luckily yesterday was fairly sunny so we decided to take a trip up to A.C. Moore. We were looking for frames for a few pieces including my cow picture and a print I got from Jessica Swift's Kickstarter project. I also wanted to find some basic linoleum block printing supplies to play with. I came home with none of those things. I just picked up some basics that were on sale. Boo A.C. Moore. They rarely actually have what I want.

I bought this basic Speedball block printing
kit. You can also get it from Blick
But it's ok because the story gets better! That is when we re-discovered our lovely neighborhood art store! I was honestly so in love with this store. They had exactly what I wanted plus lots more at reasonable prices. I will no longer be driving 30+ minutes to go to A.C. Moore or Michael's for art supplies. Plaza Art Store is literally a five minute walk and I'm pretty sure they are my new BFFs. That's not creepy right? It was one of those moments where you are like, "uugghhugh, why have I been wasting my time when I could have just walked down the street." Duh.

So needless to say, one of our short term goals is to get a little more screen-printing practice and try out block printing. I think this might be one way I can make cool, hand-made prints to sell/give-away to friends/have just for me. Here's an example of a linocut print I got in Portland earlier this year. I will definitely be sharing as I figure it out! Anyone have any linoleum tips that don't include scrubbing gross stains off 1980's-orange flooring (you could share that too I guess, I'm not picky)?

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