Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"So what else can you do with a muffin tin?"

From Hispanic Kitchen via Pinterest
I'm one of those people who loves to predict the downfall of trends. Hello, cupcakes, I'm talking about you. I also read a lot of blogs that are trying to predict the NEXT cupcake (this might be interchangeable with bacon). Is it pie? Is it pie on a stick? Is it popsicles.

Oh no, cupcake lovers, I think it is much closer to home. Now that cupcakes are done, thousands (kajillions?) of home cooks are like, "So what else can I do with these muffin tins?"Answer: What CAN'T you do? Seriously!?

Over the past few weeks I have become somewhat obsessed with finding recipes that can be made in a muffin tin. Muffin Tin Tacos, Pizza Puffs, Mini-Mac&Cheese Cakes... the list goes on (thanks Pinterest). They are amazing because 1. sooo easy 2. you don't have to make a whole dish of mac & cheese which you will then eat and immediately regret and 3. generally delicious. So yeah, that's my thought for the day. Totally not design-related but sometimes you just need to experiment.


  1. I think I will try this. Not a crazy idea to go from sweet to savory.

  2. Yummmm... I like to pin these to pinterest and never make them. I think the portion control idea is the best and worst part of them.

  3. @Todd, yes, try them. We've done the tacos twice and it's pretty much my new favorite way to get my taco fix. @Kelly I pin lots of things I will never make/do/use... it's sooo aspirational.