Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 Things I've been Doing Other Than Blogging

Hey team. So I was debating ways to re-start blogging since it's been about 2 months. Do I make excuses? Do I try to explain? Nah, how about just the "Top 10 Things I've Been Doing Other than Blogging." Enjoy!

10. Recieving lovely rain boots from Jessica Swift's Kickstarter project and being included on her website wearing said beautiful rainboots. I'm dancing because I'm so famous.

9. Block-printing some beagle-themed Christmas cards for the masses. I also made a beagle angel Christmas tree topper :o)

8. Celebrating Beer Advent... don't ask.

7. Enjoying some D.C. pastimes like sneaking quietly through air ducts at the International Spy Museum and seeing Zoo Lights at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

6. Recieving a brand new Singer sewing machine to replace supplement my very old one. Thanks Mom! And sewing a fantastic navy and white houndstooth iPad sleeve on said brand new sewing machine. Starting small, I know.

5. Ordering and giving my mom her own custom Snarky Beagle iPhone case from CaseMate. I almost stole it because I loved how to came out, even more than the first one.

4. Joyfully rolling around in (maybe also drawing with) brand new Sharpies I got from Kevin.

3. Attending lots of fun soirees and outings from the pretty darn classy Battery Lane Family Thanksgiving (don't mind the post-it note place cards) and New Years on U Street  to the decidely less classy Jersey Shore party. I love my friends/neighbors.

2.  Celebrating Christmas with my family in my one-bedroom apartment and watching Kevin make an AMAZING Christmas dinner for us with delicious things like clementine granitas and herb and scallion bread pudding.

1. Finishing and generally-knocking-it-out-of-the-park grad school. I officially have earned my Master's in Public Relations from Georgetown University! Hooray! I'm super excited to have it off my plate and once I recover from my stressed-out-burned-out-freaking-out (no promises on how long this might take...) I will hopefully have more time for my creative pursuits.

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