Sunday, November 13, 2011

Help! I'm drowning!

Hi Blog! Long time no type-y. That's because I'm currently in communications plan HELL. I'm used to whipping out a couple slides or a couple pages of strategies and BOOM plan done. The plan I'm working on for my grad school capstone project is running at 56 pages. It's gross. Like, disgusting.

Anyways, my favorite part is that I get to slap together a couple creative materials to support which means I got to fire up the Photoshop again. As I've mentioned before, my client is the NOAA Office of Aquaculture.
Flyer for "Science Night" Event
Above is a flyer/ad for an event. Below is the beginnings of a flyer to help explain where farmed-fish comes from (it's so complicated).
Brochure Front (not quite finished)
Brochure Back
So hopefully I won't go completely bonkers (I'm close, trust me). And hopefully these pretty materials will earn me some good creativity points. Sooo, anyone want to proof-read 56 THRILLING pages for me?

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