Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welcome to the Creative Farm-Tastic World of Weddings

Save the date! (Yep, I designed it)
So just when I thought I'd have some free time... grad school being finished and all... something super fun happened! Kevin proposed! Which has brought on a flurry of brainstorming, Pinterest-ing and, well, panicking (that's just what I do, I mean, besides being super happy of course). Almost immediately we knew we wanted to do something creative and outside. Being from Florida, I had always dreamed of a beach wedding, but Maryland's beaches leave something to be desired (sorry Ocean City). So what's that Maryland equivalent? A farm wedding!

That's our barn!
We quickly picked a beautiful farm here in Montgomery County called Bussard Farmstead at the Agricultural History Farm. I originally saw a blog post a while back on The Bitten Word and fell in love with the rustic, DIY-ness of the barn. There are also goats and chickens. Who doesn't need wedding photos with 4-H show chickens?!
Those are some pretty chickens.
Not that anyone here cares, but we also have picked a photographer called Sweet Tea Photography. Totally in line with the theme right? We decided to hit up the barn sale in Frederick again to start picking up some fun farm-y accessories for centerpieces and the like. Our favorite finds were a barn wood frame, an antique briefcase (for cards or something), four antique mason jars and two sets of fun numbers to represent our wedding date, August 26.

So stay tuned for more fun barn-y goodness though out the next few months. I'll still keep doodling and eventually get back to pattern making but for now I'll be using most of my creative energy for this. I feel like I need to say something deep now about love or weddings, but I'll leave that to others for now. WoohoO!

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