Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunshine and Sun Prints

I really love the first few days of March when the sun actually makes it around the edge of our building into our "yard" and bright sunshine starts coming through the windows. Because of where our apartment is situated, we only get direct sunlight mid-March through September so the first bit of sunlight really feels glorious.

So we took the opportunity to break out our Sunprint paper that we picked up at the Seattle Art Museum a while back. Sunprint paper reacts to direct sunlight, except for in the areas you block with an object.

I think my favorite part is that everything comes out blue and white which, as you can see from this blog, are my favorite color combo. Here's how it starts:
Then after waiting five minutes in the sun, you quickly rinse it in cold water and let it dry. The weird thing is that in the middle, it's actually a negative of what you see below. The exposed area is white and the string is blue.
Next, Kevin used a daffodil to make this one:
Then he made a bike out of matchsticks and bottle caps. It reminded me of this block print he did a few months ago.
Last, I used some river rocks that I collected from the Columbia River in Richland, Wa. to make polka dots. They might be radioactive, but I loved that the shadows came out a slightly different color.
So that was our fun project of the day. In wedding news, Kevin bought 60 mason jars at the store and I think we maaay have settled on a super-fun, casual caterer.


  1. If you come up with a crafty idea that requires glass hurricane candle holder thingys (that's the official name, of course!), I have 12 that you can borrow. And glass plates to put underneath. (They look kind of like this, but I can send you an actual picture if you are interested. Just let me know. (

  2. Woo! I will definitely let you know! We can't have open flames in the barn but maybe we can get some LEDs. Thanks Lisa!