Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kevin is awesome!

This is not a paid advertisement. Kevin is genuinely awesome. He is risking LIFE AND LIMB to bring our crazy wedding details to life. Exhibit A:
Why yes, that is a mason jar etched with our initials. And here's 50 of them lined up on the window:
Do you know how caustic etching fluid is? Apparently VERY. Don't worry he washed them multiple times, but during the application this amount of protection was necessary:
Cool right? He also figured out how to build a Ladder Golf set out of PVC, golf balls and string for our guests' enjoyment while we're doing less fun things like taking goofy photos. Meanwhile I've been ordering lots of burlap and blue patterned fabrics to do... something with. And we've been collaborating on our invitations to match the Save the Date. Here's a preview:
Anyways, things are coming along great. We've finalized the majority of the BIG things, so now we're focused on details that we hope everyone will appreciate :o) Like these navy and white striped straws and twine from Etsy:


  1. Next time you are etching something, you need to consult with your brother about a little something called PPE!

    1. I'm sure Andrew would have recommended a Haz Mat suit... at minimum. ;o)

  2. Plant, property, and equipment?

  3. Super cute details!