Saturday, April 21, 2012

Run! Succulent Fever Outbreak!

As I've been perusing the wild and sometimes overwhelming world of wedding blogs, one trend that I've really loved (but really doesn't fit our farm-y wedding) is the use of succulents. Those weird, kind of chubby little desert plants. Last summer I saw a bunch at the National Botanic Garden and they were pretty amazing inspiration.

Then this week, it's like I contracted succulent fever (possibly contagious) when I saw this store on Etsy. I immediately scooped up the little guy above and named him Elvis Kiwi. Yes, I like to name my plants. Not going to lie, part of the appeal is that I don't have to water them often which is good because I have a certified black thumb.

Then I started doodling them. Watch out for the incoming glut of succulent doodles...
There are more but I will spare you. Anyways, I'm hoping to use these as a jumping off point for some more patterns in the near-ish future, ya know, after we finish our 348 wedding projects, oh, and manage to buy the house of my severely altered dreams. More to come on that... eventually. 

Anyone else been bitten by the succulent bug? 

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