Sunday, March 17, 2013


Happy St. Patrick's Day! On Friday our kitchen island was feature on the DC Goodwill blog. Debating whether I need to start a "featured on" section somewhere so people know how cool we are. Which is a good segue to this lovely, self-deprecating quote...
I've been continuing to practice my hand lettering. I've been sharing them on Instagram as I finish (ah, instant gratification) so sorry if these of repeats for folks.  Also, inspired by my high school doodles, I went out and bought a graph paper notebook which really helped me with spacing. Kind of nice not to have to re-do the whole thing five times. 
I hope this is self-explanatory.
Version one.
Version two after I got extra bored and added some extra doodle. Which makes everything better! Yay. Anyways, I'm alone for the weekend as Kevin is at Spring Training in Florida so I'll try to get back on my game blogging wise but if you need more frequent updates (Mom & Dad), then you can follow me on Instagram. (I'll teach you how to download it.)

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