Sunday, February 20, 2011

National marker shortage? I'm covered...

Don't worry people! If there is ever a national marker shortage... if Crayola goes out of business... if a group of unruly kindergartners take over the world and markers become like gold... I'm covered. This afternoon I decided it was a good idea to take an inventory of my craft box and throw out some stuff (paint brushes I forgot to clean, cheap pens I picked up at various hotels, scraps of paper). 

Turns out I have six sets of markers. That's: 
  • one set of colored, fine-tip Sharpies
  • two sets of Crayola Classics (fat)
  • one set of Crayola Classics (skinny)
  • one set of Crayola "Pip Squeaks"
  • one set of Crayola "Super Tips." 
Oh yeah, that's not counting my new Steadtler pens, various artist markers I've bought for specific projects and half a dozen loose black Sharpies (confession: I compulsively buy and steal these from people).

Did I also mention my Crayola Oil Pastels and the GIANT 120 "Wizard's Box" of Crayola crayons? The bonus 20 crayons are limited edition colors! *drool* So if the kindergartners of the world start getting uppity... have no fear... once they've laid eyes in this collection, I will be like their queen.

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