Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From the Sketchbook

Wedgies and Wings
I love blank notebooks. I buy a ton of them... for no apparent reason. Same goes for sketchbooks. I keep one on the coffee table, one in my craft box and one in my office desk (just in case of a long telecon ;o) just incase the mood to doodle strikes. Which is does pretty often.

All of my patterns start as a doodle. Basically, I just start playing with shapes until I find something I love and can repeat. So, here are some recent sketches, some of which you will probably recognize because they became patterns later (they grow up so fast don't they?)
More wedges.
Yup, those started as pleated skirts.
I'm meeeellllting.
Does this look like a face to you? Kinda creepy right?
Even more wedges, a weird cat face
and a font I will eventually make. Love it.
So that's the quick round up. Some old stuff, some new stuff, but the bottom line is that doodling is basically my favorite thing. You know what Bailey Beagle's favorite thing is? I'll give you a hint... it's not this:

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